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Q: How often should I get my windows cleaned?
A: For residential customers, once or twice a year is usually sufficient. Commercial customers vary from monthly to quarterly.

Q: What kind of soap will be used?
A: We use a mild, biodegradable soap from the janitorial store. This soap is gentler than dish soap and has very few chemicals.

Q: Will I need to move my furniture?
A: Customers should move any valuables near windows. We will move large pieces of furniture if necessary.

Q: How do you clean tinted windows?
A: Cleaning tint is a delicate process that begins by using ammonia free soap, very clean water, no razor blades, moving slower over the glass and finishing with a clean, moist towel.

Q: What if it seems like it will rain the day of my appointment?
A: Forecasters usually over predict rain in Southern California. Our rule is that we keep appointments as scheduled unless the chance of rain is 50% or higher. It often rains for less than an hour. We can begin inside if necessary.

Q: What is de-ionized water?
A: D.I. water is purified water that dries without spots. We take water from your tap, run it through tanks on our truck and then to your windows. The tanks remove all the minerals from the water. After we wash all the dirt from the windows, we rinse them and they will air dry.

Q: What is the proper way to walk on tile roofs?
A: All workers should walk on the portion of the tile that overlaps another tile. This part is solid and has no air underneath. Wood planks should be used if necessary. Light weight concrete tiles should not be walked on.