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Your Job - What to Expect
You will be given a one hour arrival time. Please be home and waiting for our arrival. A one or two man window cleaning crew will arrive in uniform and a company vehicle. One technician will usually start inside while the other begins work on the outside and screens.

One supervisor will be present on all jobs to maintain quality and safety.

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Quality Matters

To protect your carpet, we will wear shoe covers and place drop cloths in work areas throughout your home. We will carefully move furniture as necessary to access windows.


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The Inside

The inside of the windows will be cleaned by hand using squeegees and a mild soap safe for use with all tints.




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The Screens

We will remove the screens and take them outside for cleaning. They will be washed with a pressure sprayer and replaced at the end of the job.






window washerThe Outside

The outside of the windows will be cleaned by using industry standard purified water and a Tucker Pole. This method is faster and safer by eliminating the risk of climbing ladders.








The Finishing Touch

As a final "Extra Step" we will hand polish all the windows in your home! This prevents streaks from returning and your windows will stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

Before we depart we will perform a final walk thru to ensure that all furniture, blinds, and home decor have been properly returned to their places.